Inertia Driven®

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Inertia Driven® is the original version of the best operating system ever devised. There are Inertia Driven® Benelli shotguns that have fired 500,000+ rounds and still function perfectly.

Benelli’s Inertia Driven® system, developed in 1967, operates cleanly and reliably without adjustments.

The proven system is…


  • No adjusting, ever
  • Consistent, reliable cycling, year after year
  • Handles light field loads to 3-1/2-inch magnums


  • Just 3 main parts: bolt body, inertia spring, and rotating bolt head


  • Gas, smoke and burnt powder remain in the barrel
  • Residue doesn’t enter the gun’s mechanism
  • Remains cleaner than gas systems


  • Steel locking lugs on a rotating bolt head
  • Bolt head locks steel-to-steel with the barrel
  • Lock becomes even tighter during firing


  • Smaller mass of parts
  • Quicker than other operating systems

Low Maintenance

  • Operates more cleanly than gas-system guns
  • Less time required for cleaning


  • Benelli semi-auto shotguns are among the world’s lightest

Perfectly Balanced

  • Balances as a fine game gun should
  • No heavy components under the forend
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