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M3 Convertible Semi-Auto Pump Shotgun

M3 Convertible Semi-Auto Pump Shotgun

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Black Synthetic - Telescoping Stock
Gauge: 12-Gauge
 Chambered for: 3"

M3 Convertible Semi-Auto Pump Shotgun

Gauge: 12-Gauge
Chambered for: 3"

The M3 Convertible semi-auto pump shotgun is reliable and versatile for any operational or defensive requirement. Officers have the option of choosing either semi-auto or pump-action, depending on the intended purpose. The M3 delivers fast cycling semi-auto fire with conventional loads or pump-action for low-energy special purpose loads.

  • Available in 12-gauge
  • Ghost ring sights and a receiver-mounted Picatinny rail
  • Available with collapsible telescoping buttstock
  • Ultra-reliable Inertia Driven® system (semi-auto operation)

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Starting Price  $1,799



M3 Convertible Semi-Auto Pump Shotgun 12-Gauge 3"

19.75″ Black Synthetic, Telescoping Stock 41″ 7.7 lbs. $1,799

Additional Specifications

Overall Length: 41″″

Average Weight: 7.7 lbs.

Magazine Capacity: 7+1

Chokes: Fixed Cylinder

Type of Sights: Ghost-Ring

Length of Pull: 14-3/8″

Drop at Heel: 2″

Drop at Comb: 1-3/8″

Picatinny rail not included.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.


Benchmark of Reliability


An Inertia-Driven® shotgun is clean, reliable, and adjustment-free.

More About Inertia Driven®

Standard Features

  • Fixed Choke

    This model has a fixed cylinder choke.

  • Bolt-Lock Lever

    The bolt-lock lever performs 3 important functions: 1) It locks the bolt back on an empty chamber. 2) It releases a shell from the magazine. 3) It indicates a cocked hammer, making it obvious by both sight and feel. The bolt-lock lever is conveniently located on the front of the trigger guard.

  • Rotating Bolt Head

    Chamber pressure is contained by the massive, 3-lug rotary locking head, which locks into the steel barrel extension.

  • Ergonomic Trigger Guard and Safety

    The trigger guard and safety are ergonomically designed, blending style and function.

  • Removable Trigger Assembly

    Easily remove the trigger assembly as a unit by driving out just one pin.

  • Ghost Ring Sights

    This model comes standard with ghost-ring sights.

Optional Features

  • Tritium Inserts for Ghost-Ring Sights for M3 Convertible Shotgun

    3-dot tritium inserts can easily be installed into this military-spec ghost-ring sight. When the lights go out, you’ll have the advantage.

  • Tactical Gun Case

    This tactical gun case is the perfect carrying case for this and any of the other Benelli tactical or special purpose rifles or shotguns. Originally designed for military deployment and police SWAT teams, the black soft case is well padded and super-tough. It also features a specially designed accessory pocket.

  • Gun Sock

    The Benelli Gun Sock is impregnated with VCI to keep your gun lubricated and prevent rust. The sock actually lets the gun breathe.


  • M3 Convertible Semi-Auto Pump Shotgun Product Manual (1.87 MB)
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